Sesame chicken


Ingredients (serves 4 small portions or 2 very hungry people):

– 600 gr. boneless and skinless chicken (I used thighs but you can use chicken breast too)

– For the batter: 2 eggs, 3 spoonfuls of flour, salt, pepper, 1 spoonful of garlic paste

– For the sauce: half a pint of water, 10 tablespoons of soya sauce, 4 tbs of sesame oil, 3 tbs rice vinegar, 5 tb mirim, 2 tb brown sugar, 2 tb powered sesame, 1tb freshly grated ginger, 1 tb garlic paste, toasted sesame seeds.

– Sunflower oil to fry the chicken.

– Sticky rice

This recipe is so easy to prepare and so tasty!

Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.

Put the batter ingredients in a large bowl: 2 eggs, 4 tbs of flour, salt, pepper and garlic paste and mix well so you don’t get any lumps in the mixture.

Dip the chicken into the batter while at the same time you heat some oil in a pan to fry the chicken.



Once the oil is hot, it is time to fry the chicken. For this amount of chicken I had to do two batches. While the chicken is frying, you can quickly prepare the sauce which is a simple mixture of ingredients. Mix all of the ingredients listed in the sauce ingredients list above and mix well in a bowl.




Once the chicken is fried and the sauce ready in a bowl,  put a pan on the hub with a bit of oil and add a teaspoon of flour making sure it cooks for a few seconds in the oil but doesn’t burn. Then add the sauce, stir and add the chicken too, mixing well. The chicken needs to cook in this sauce over low heat for at least 15-20 minutes. The chicken needs to absorb the flavor of the sauce and the alcohol from the mirim also needs to evaporate!

During this time you can cook the rice. For the sticky rice for each cup of sticky rice add a cup and a quarter of water and do not stir it while it is cooking.

Once everything is read it is time to serve. I put my sticky rice in a round mould and then turn it upsidedown on the plate, it came out very easily. Serve the chicken with semsame sauce and sprinkle some tasted sesame seeds on top of it.